Start-up Studio

We build companies based on new ideas and engage in rapid technology prototyping to enable disruptive solutions for a variety of complex problems and opportunities.

Growth Labs & Co-working

Established companies or new ideas looking for that extra boost can participate in our growth labs for meaningful mentoring, growth and strategy advisory, and networking support. We provide capital, office space, and access to experts depending on your specific needs. Just want a cool place to work with great amenities and gigabit internet for your start-up, development work, or daytrading? We will offer a limited number of co-working offices and open desks.

Brainstorming Events

Like Andy Warhol's famous Factory, we bring together the hackers, thinkers, strategists, disruptors, leaders, technologists, and creators for unique events on a variety of issues.

Focus Areas


The DC region has many established security professionals looking to transform their expertise into start-up endeavors. Our founders have built, sold, and acquired companies in this space and look forward to supporting new advances in the cyber domain.

Data Science

We are interested not only in new data science and machine learning initiatives, but also in helping traditional companies unlock new value and opportunity with data science, machine learning, and automation.

DeFi & Web3

We firmly believe that current financial systems, contracting, and middleware will be heavily disrupted by blockchain and decentralized finance approaches and are excited by developments in Web3.

Dual Use Technology

We have deep experience in national security and intelligence missions and understand the opportunities associated with dual use technologies or mapping commercial technologies to NATSEC requirements.

Ready to have a conversation? Do you want to build great things or discuss an interesting idea?

We are located in Reston Virginia in the Reston Town Center and within walking distance of the Reston Metro Stop